My art practice has for a while examined the idea of narratives and originality in art which involves looking through countless books, magazines and at internet images to find an artwork that I use as a starting point to create a work of my own. My oil paintings and drawings regularly recreate parts of historical paintings, often omitting or adding random figures or parts of landscapes, backgrounds or sky to create my own original work. By doing this I re-examine the narrative within an artwork questioning how an artwork can be read and how its original meaning has changed into something different from that of its original. Some of my paintings and drawings I have completed on plaster and these are an extension of my investigation into the re-examination of the narratives within historical artworks but through the use of modern industrial materials. They reference established artistic techniques such as frescoes, drawing and etching and the contrast between modern and historical materials, techniques and subject matter has produced a unique style and aesthetic that pays homage to the Masters of the past whilst being less ostentatious in appearance. They challenge the role historical art has within Western culture whilst also tackling classical art practise such as scale, perspective, colour and line.

                                Drawings on plaster


                                   Drawings on paper

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